It began with a plan...

(Formerly the Durbin Creek Wilderness Society)

This project began May 1st, 2011 when Eric Bersinger and Josh Woods paddled Durbin Creek and made the decision to "re-open" the "Historic Bartram Canoe Trail" of log-jams, fallen trees and get rid of illegally dumped materials around the Bartram Canoe Trail Park and launch area. In January 2012, Chris Naff, a St. Johns County Firefighter, joined us for some time. Chris is now the owner of River to Sea Kayak and a Level 4 ACA Instructor at Riverwind Kayak.

...We are the Waterway Stewards of Durbin Creek... volunteer citizens making a difference...

We are the recipients of the prestigious "2012 Green Paddle Award for Waterway Conservation" Presented by The American Canoe Association for outstanding contribution to paddlesport by protecting America's Waterways.

We are the recipients of the 2013 "In The Trenches Award" presented by The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida. Our award was given during the 22nd annual Mayors Environmental Awards luncheon with this years theme, Advancing Environmental Stewardship.

..for contact information about this, donation based, conservation, restoration and clean-up non-profit organization, email:

..while viewing our blog..note there are several pages of "older posts" to check out...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Durbin Creek Clog 2014

 ..Durbin Creek is currently under attack again from surface
 covering plant overgrowth's, this is the view yesterday at
 the JEA power-lines. We cleared this clog originally
 in summer 2011...

 ...Authentic Grade ...

 ..Jim Woods is a human wrecking machine..

 ..Jim Woods, Brian Mc Hone and Josh using "our direct approach"..
Thanks to Matt Corby, North Florida Land Manager with St. Johns
 River Water Management District for providing access for us at
Sampson's Bridge for this project...

..This is an example of a typical tree fall across Durbin Creek
we'll be back soon to cut this and several more we've discovered
 west of the power line area so you can enjoy a carefree paddle...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2014 Art Walk

..Big thanks to everyone that came out to Art Walk...
Our continued celebration of Earth Day this year will be to
hand cut and remove a water hyacinth overgrowth covering 
the surface of Durbin Creek this Sunday morning..

Monday, March 31, 2014

Come check us out at Art Walk this Wednesday!

..Earth Without Art is Just "Eh"...
is months theme at Art Walk featuring Eco-friendly
 artists and organizations. We will be set up in Hemming Plaza.
Hope to see you there...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mark Your Calendars!

..Please come out and show your support for our 
Pint Night at Black Creek Outfitters
Thursday April 17th 6 to 9pm...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pint Night at Black Creek Outfitters!!

...Eric hanging out with Nigel Law...

..Kristin and Nigel Law own and run Savannah Canoe & Kayak,
if you visit Savannah you have to stop in for a visit to
 their incredible shop!...

..Kayak Tours, Fishing Trips, Sea & Surf Kayak Classes,
SUP Tours and "Mega Brand" Surf Kayaks...

..We are asking all of our supporters to join us for "Pint Night" at 
Black Creek Outfitters, Thursday April 17th from 6 to 9 pm
featuring Nigel Law, Paddlesport Guru of the Georgia Barrier
 Islands, Sponsored by Outdoor Research, all proceeds to benefit 
The Clean Waterway Society....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

22nd Annual Mayor's Environmental Awards

.."In the Trenches Award"....The Clean Waterway Society..
..Josh and I proudly accepting our award from Andy Miller and
 Mayor Alvin Brown.. Our thanks to Andy Miller, Warren and Diana
 Anderson of The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute
 for our award and their continued support...

..We found ourselves in good company alongside the winner 
of The Environmental Commitment Award, Tom Larson,
10 year chair of the Sierra Club of North East Florida. 
..Check out all of the photographs from the luncheon at 
The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens at / flicker page..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jacksonville Zoo Shoreline Clean Up

..Visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Soon!...

 ..Eric and Josh with Bob Chabot, Director of Horticulture 
and Facilities on our initial planning day..

.."Zone 1"... 

..Jim Woods "wrecking Shop"..

..The crew wrapping up zone 1 area..

..Zone 2, the eastern coastal lagoon area...

..Many thanks to Mike Hodge, Facilities Supervisor and our All Star
Ruth's Chris Steak House Jacksonville Riverfront Crew, Shannon,
 Jim and Bryce Woods, Tyler Simons, Matt Mays, Lindsey Larson, 
Jesse, Rich Deluca, Rich Delong, Scott Aston
 and "The Beast" Raed Battah...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Quarantine Island Exploration

..Eric's solo canoe trip to survey coastal debris, New Berlin launch,
 Quarantine Island, also known as Bartram Island, north shore...

 ..the morning fog burning away..

...the mighty dames point bridge...

 ..this is the 2nd dead, banded, bird I've encountered.
This brown pelican was banded in early 2013 in North Carolina
 when it was too young to fly. Report dead, banded birds to
 The U.S. Geological Survey at

 ..this island has a staggering amount of shoreline debris
both ends of the island are for dredge fill materials from Jaxport...

..the adventure machine....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Julington Creek North Exploration

..Brian Burkett, Natural Resource Recreation Specialist,
 Department of Recreation, City of Jacksonville asked us to 
determine how far north the public could paddle
on Julington Creek North..

..Josh trying out his Dagger Sea Kayak for this trip..

..We were also checking out a downed tree report from 
Bill Armstrong, Team Leader, Sierra Club..
As long as you can paddle around the tree, it stays, we 
always practice the highest measure of conservation...

..the power line crossing, just west of The Palm Leaves
 Regional Park..this view is toward the west...

..the end of the line (for now) we made it about 600 feet north of
 the power line crossing, south of Greenland Road, paddling
 farther north is possible with a bunch of tree cutting. 
We could journey this far north only because of winters
 annual flood stage water level conditions..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Timucuan Adventure Day

.."I Spy Birds" Kayak tours during the safety training with 
 Ayolane Halusky..

..Eric volunteered to help identify bird species during the tours
 on Fort George Island..

..The annual Timucuan Adventure Day February 1st 2014 under the
 direction of Cicely Pontiflet, Biological Science Technician, 
Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve,National Park Service

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bartram Canoe Trail Park Winter 2014

..The park view north...

..The Grand Centennial Cypress with the rail road spike ladder...

..Our kiosk repaired for the 6th time...

  ...Bridge view north..

..The road to the ramp...

..Winter wildflowers in bloom..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Florida Sportman's Paradise!

..Our Kiosk donated by St. Johns River Management blasted by 
gunfire, a sign ripped apart and then smashed a 
chocolate milk bottle all over it...

..This was the scene as we arrived to launch with the boy scouts..
... 2 large dead wild hog bodies dumped at the park...
We've asked St. Johns County Sheriffs Office to step up
patrols here...

Wood Duck Final Install Paddle Day

..The Clean Waterway Society partners with Scouts and Leaders
from Troop 474 St. Johns to mount the final 3 of 6 wood duck
 boxes on The Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek..

..The team finishing #4 north box..

..Durbin's winter face..

..Casey and Keith Diduryk with Scout leader Andy Brackett 
and scouts, Cameron Fales and Jon Veal..

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Durbin Creek in Flood Stage 2014

 ..Bartram Canoe Trail Park flooded due to the
 recent storm system...

 ..Durbin Creek floods every winter...

..Paddle NOW! if you want to experience going into areas
 you've never been able to within the floodplain...